I’ve lost my best friend, my companion and beautiful boy Toby. I’m heart broken, lonely and devastated. The house feels empty, vacant, without you here Toby. Your smell is slowly leaving from the lounge, beds, and all those places we loved to cuddle. I still walk around with cautious first steps in case you’re still at my feet, following me around everywhere I go. I still walk past your treat jar and go to get one out for you. I still open the front door and expect to be pounced on by you and your elevated energy. I can’t sleep, because you’re not curled up next to me, where you should be, snoring away. I never knew your absence could be more profound than your presence, but right now it is. I have your Eeyore here, and have been keeping your favourite toy very safe and cared for. I won’t give him a wash, I was going too, but I remembered you never liked when he smelt differently, and now I don’t either. Eeyore himself said It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine and my days are very grey without you here, but when I find that sunshine, I will tell you all about it. I love you so much Toby; My beautiful boy, and will never stop missing you. You made my life wonderful, and you had a way of just looking at me and injecting purpose into my darkest moments. You taught me things about love and friendship that I never knew I needed to learn. You were loyal, sweet, rather silly, devoted, affectionate and sincere. Smart? Well, maybe I’m being biased now for you were goofy and had little sense when it came to somethings. But, that is what made you; Toby. The most beautiful boy who captured my heart from the moment I met you. I think pets have such short lives on Earth because they learned to love, truly love, long before humans have figured it all out. That has to be it. Please, Toby, Rest in Peace.