In early March we were given the news that my beautiful cat Tigger had a Sarcoma. We decided as a family that the best treatment would be the palliative care option, Tigger is a senior citizen & a leg amputation would be too much for him, it was also no guarantee. We were told if we were lucky Tigger had 6 months. Well our darling Tigger never played by the rules & never did what he was told or asked. This evening nearly 9months later, Tigger passed away with mum & dad, safe in mums arms. While I wasn’t there to say goodbye to my boy, I had my chance in September to say goodbye & tell him it was ok when ever he was ready. For nearly 14 years Tigger has been calling the shots. We learnt very early on it was Tiggers way or not at all. He has such a strong personality & is more than a cat, he is a member of our family.