Today we had to unexpectedly had to say the hardest goodbye to our dog Niggy. He had developed liver cancer, he had only been real sick for a day and the vet said it was time to go, not once in that day did he complain or whinge and has been the friendliest doggy right up to the last moment. For the past almost 17 years Niggy has been our boy, our shadow, our once in a lifetime dog, In his old age he was deaf, he never liked walking on wet grass, he loved cuddles, but by far his most favourite thing was his daily treat of schmackos and belly rubs. It’s going to be hard getting home from work when he doesn’t come running inside or him forever getting under our feet cause he just want to be near to us. His dog sisters Holly and Bitzy are getting extra big cuddles tonight xx We couldn’t have asked for a better doggy, Miss you already Nig. Piggy. Nigwar. My Main Man. Our hearts are broken.