Our Beautiful Big Baby July 2012 – 26/04/2017 Born out near the red dirt of Goodooga NSW, 4years 10months young – The youngest out of our three fur children but also the biggest!. She had the funniest personality and was always the life of our children but also unfortunately the one with the worst temper. She would remind us each day around 4:30pm that it was getting close to her dinner time and would not leave us alone until she had food in her big belly. She enjoyed going for drives even if it was just up the road and back it was her excitment for the day. She was very loyal to us and could never be replaced. She was daddy’s little big girl who he adored so much and misses her terribly his afternoon beer just won’t be the same without her nor will sitting down by the fire in dads mancave. She loved her big brother Chiefy & her big sister Jessie, they enjoyed chasing the birds around the yard and hunting for bugs together causing much mischief. She enjoyed her morning sunbake on the verander and also digging holes in mums garden searching for lizards. She was a dog that everyone knew around the neighbourhood due to her miniature pony size. She enjoyed our company and we enjoyed and miss hers more than words could ever explain, there is a massive hole in our hearts that could never be filled again it hurts so much to loose one of your children but she is in a better place now free of pain and suffering. Uncle Tim and Dad are having your favourite beer for you tonight – our sweet precious girl, fly high we love you so much and can’t wait till we meet again. Love forever and always! – Mummy, Daddy, Adalyn, Chiefy & Jessie xox