Today we farewelled our beloved Nan. She wasn’t actually mine but she was my sons dog. He moved to the states and she retired with us. This dog was one made of some tough stuff. My son was from out west and mustered in the channel country, western Qld and also did droving. This dog has been with him all the way. He’s had her since he was 17 when he got her as a pup, and he’s now 28. she’s been on every trip/ muster with him. She even had her own special dog box on the truck. She’s been jumped on by rogue bullocks, ran over by a car because the driver couldn’t wait for her to get off the road when she was behind a mob of cattle, and had a few hidings because she could be a bit naughty at times. She would nose, front foot and heel or wherever she could get a hold really and she loved every minute of it. Fear was a word that was not in this dogs vocabulary. But this dog was loyal to the end. My son would Skype and he would talk to her and let out the odd whistle to which she would run around and try to find him for the next instruction. She was a one of a kind dog that will never be able to be replaced. We love and miss you so much already Nanny dog.