Our darling Minnie left us to join Boofie (our first pet since Robert, my husband, and I have been together). Minnie was the explorer of the family, the most fittest of our four kids, Boofie (deceased), Minnie (decease), Ebonie (Minnie’ Sister), Buddie (Ebonie’ Son). We would run up the dirt roads while Mum and Dad drove the ute. Minnie was fastest, then Eb, then Boof. When Buddie was born he was running at 8 weeks or earlier, it was so beautiful to see him try and keep up with his Mum and Aunty. He soon worked out he could run faster then Boof, but Minnie was always the champion. Minnie was always running into the paddocks off the dirt to explore or chase a kangaroo, but still come back out on the dirt road ahead of everyone. Then at 14 she took very ill and life was never the same. She couldn’t run or explore anymore and struggled just to get up a step. We kept looking after our little Minnie to the end. We only hope that she is having fun with our Boofie now. We love you so much Minnie.