On the day we first met you, we didn’t pick you, You picked us and we knew you were the one, you were the beginning to us being a family. You were always by our side and we have been the centre of your universe as you have been ours, your loyalty, your love, your beautiful soul has been a part in our family and you will never be forgotten and Keira girl you will always hold a special place in our hearts and mind . If love could have saved you , you would have lived forever.. having you Keira showed us what it is to feel real love, saying goodbye to you showed us what it is to feel a broken heart , we hope that someone is throwing the ball for you up there . On the day that we walk through the gates of heaven we know you will be sitting right there waiting for us as you have done everyday waiting at our home gate for us . Thank you for the best 12 and a half years, we will miss you everyday, until we meet again, love you infinity …Dad, Mum , Talan and Kobi xxx