KANE Guide Dog No. 432 31/05/2005 ~ 15/10/2018 I well remember the day We waved John on his way To Brisbane by Greyhound Bus was a must. Bonding and training at the Guide Dog Centre was the aim for John and Guide Dog Kane. But soon it was wheezes and sneezes so to Toowoomba return for training at home. What a beautiful animal In G. D. Kane So special and loved by all But none more so than by his master. A dog, full of loyalty, implicit trust, obedience, faithfulness, placidity, compliance; and even all this when retired. He loved company and closeness. Guided me in many a thoroughfare Never wavering travelling many places by trains and planes; Adelaide, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney Seaside holidays and tours. Serving my master guiding his footsteps uphill and down dale never wanting to fail. Then came the day I had to retire. I could not walk as once I did. I did not mind standing aside and fully accepted that another must abide. So I could rest in leisure and treasure that I had served my master well. I wait and I watch the bar is set high, the young pups to follow should measure up to the standard I’ve set. Affectionate to the end Our dearest Kane You will be missed more than words can tell! We look forward to the day when God makes all things new!