JESSIE- 22/11/1999 – 28/06/2014….. 14 years 7 months- my words are not enough for what part you played in our lives… Jessie girl, as my dog you are unmatched in devotion, loyalty & friendship. You were my rock when times were tough. I can’t imagine life without my little best friend; you were my shadow. As each birthday passed I knew we were blessed to have you for another year but for today I was never prepared. My Jessie girl, we were the lucky ones to have you in our family. Those who knew you know you were more than a dog, you were family, and you can never be replaced. You were Curtis’s best friend from when he was two, the sibling he never had, following him and barking when you knew he was doing something naughty. I will miss your face at the door as I arrive home, the excitement in your eyes and the tapping of your feet as I open the door, my tight hugs and you never complaining but with a look in your eyes ‘Are you done yet?’. I will always see your face looking up at me during breakfast, lunch & dinner, you knowing I will share and you taking food so gently. I will always remember how you disliked tomato and would put it on the outside of your bowl. I will miss your snoring, which I know I would complain, and I am sorry for that! Once you wagged your tail and barked with the sound of your lead or the word ‘walk’, but as years passed, that was forgotten, you became my old girl and walks became a marathon. Always loved, never forgotten…many kisses on your nose…mwah xx …. I will always see your face, with the ‘I love you in your eyes’. You will always be with us ‘my Jessie girl’.