To Our beautiful baby bear Jessie,from the day you picked us at the rescue center you won our hearts.You were always so loving and happy,you never misbehaved and never whined.I still remember the day that Christian,Sabrina and me took you home in our van and you were singing to the Beatles songs I had playing,I remember the days that you could fit in my hand bag and come around with us. You were always so happy.I didn’t know it was possible to love another like we loved youI remember the day we went and got Bobbie to keep you company,you treated him with love and kindness from the very first moment.You shared everything with him, you were never jealous of our affection to him.My heart broke in two every time you had those seizures. The day you left us was the saddest day of our lives,I hope you are pain free now. Your brother Bobbie sat by you until they came and took you away and is missing you terribly.We love you Jessie now and forever. We miss you baby bear,especially me sweetheart. Mummy,Daddy,Christian,Sabrina and Bobbie love you so much but you will always be in our hearts.