Hendrix, you were truly the light of my life, you were my everything. I was never alone when I had you, you were always there for me and you were taken way too soon. Life seems very grey without you on the couch beside me or watering our olive trees at the block, watching the sunset. No one will ever look at me like you did with those kind, loving, big, soulful, brown eyes. I didn’t see how the days could possibly continue without you here but it looks like they have. Your passing has left me and Nonny with broken hearts and an irreplaceable loss. I hope you are on the rainbow bridge and you see Wallace and Piper there, I hope they look after you. We all miss you so much; Nonny, Brogen and Dad and I love you so much my little boy. My baby. I miss the texture of your fur, cuddling you and patting your soft ears with the whispy hair. I love how I used to blow kisses to you and you did it back. I loved watching you play with your favourite dumbbell toy and watching your run like a wild brumby out bush with your friends, Tex, Bull, Audrey, Bucket and Scout. The days where we watched movies on the couch together, snuggling and went out to water our trees were the best days of my life and they will be very lonely without you. I hope I get to see you again someday, my strong one, my beautiful one, my larikan. I will never forget you, I will always belong to you and love you. I am so sorry your life had to be so short and that you got sick, I hope I made your life a good one. I hope you are not in pain anymore and that the angels will look after you now. I love you Hendrix, forever. Love from Mum.