Chloe 21/5/00-7/6/13. My dearest Dunky I have feared this for so long, but as the tears wash over me as I grieve your loss, I remind myself that it was the highest honour to have been able to love and cherish you, and be loved unconditionally by you in return. This love that we shared is so strong that my heart is breaking now that you have embarked on your next journey. Thank you for delighting me with your Frenchie wiggle, for the snuggles we shared, for bringing me joy with your enthusiasm when we shared our walks and all of the other things you brought into my life. I will love you for eternity my beautiful girl. Till we are together again…..Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened Anatole France… thank you for fully awakening my soul. Bonnie xox