I loved running around the garden Doing speeds near 45 I loved the wind in my fur It was great to be alive I had a trick to score a treat I annoyed them with a whine They only got the best for me The jerky tasted real fine My coat kept me very warm When winter came along i lay between the humans Where I slept all night long My breakfast was a lap of milk And treats that cleaned my teeth I always loved dinner time My bowl filled with stuff like beef Don’t come into our yard If you’re fluffy like a cat As we will chase you out And that is truly a fact I hung around at dinner time Expecting morsels of food I stood back from the table I was never pushy or rude I loved when visitors turned up For no one I could hate And when they started chatting I would boldly join the debate I loved to go on car drives And watch the changing scenes And if you have a moment I will tell you where I’ve been Once a year they took me to the vet It really was a trial A thermometer got shoved up my bum I didn’t like their style My life was fun and simple No need for worry or stress My life with these loving humans For a dog was simply the best Patrick Heffernan. June 17th 2019