Bella was such a loyal, loving member of our family for 13 years and 10 days. Everyone that met her fell in love with her, as much as we did. We made so many beautiful memories with her and we miss her immensely. We took her to the vets to review her skin cancer and to book in an operation date, but due to her weight loss, a blood test was taken. The results were severe anemia so they wanted to do an internal and external ultrasound. They found cancer in her liver and spleen and that is was starting to invade her heart and lungs. We were told to put her down within days. One of the hardest things to hear and also one of the hardest things we have both ever had to do. Having the option of PetsRIP Toowoomba & Ipswich gave us the option of bringing our girl home to us once again. They were very understanding and we are very happy with our package. Thank you PetsRIP.